Welcome to WaldorfCamp  - The fun way to learn English!

WaldorfCamp is a language school for English that combines the teachings of the Waldorf education with the fun of learning English and also teaches kids special skills in several arts.

In order to be successful in a globalized world, you need to speak English. Speaking English can easily become one of the most important aspects in doing business and building your career. WaldorfCamp is an European based company that brings you the best choice of teachers and curriculum from England and the USA in order to make learning English an efficient and fun experience. In order for you to enjoy the WaldorfCamp best, we will offer the courses during summer vacation. Each course has an extensive schedule and takes one week.

During the camp you will live on our campus so you get the most out of the English lessons and extracuriccular offers. We will take care of all your needs during the camp, including food and medical care. No matter how your experience with the English language is, we will put you in an English class that suits your English level. Our focus lies on teaching English to students for all levels and to show you what Western culture is like. You will taste real Western food and see how Western people live.

Each student can choose from many activites, which will take place after English class and which will make the WaldorfCamp experience even more fun! On your last day of WaldorfCamp you will receive a certificate for your excellent participation...

Maybe after finishing your first week, you want to take another week of WaldorfCamp to improve your English even more...

It’s going to be  the experience of your lifetime – we promise!


Our teachers are all Western, English speaking and well-trained experts who have many years of experience with teaching English to kids and college students around the world. We will promise you only the very best and most fun staff you will ever experience. (Meet our team)




Waldorf education is a Western teaching and education method that has been established around 100 years ago in Europe and has proven to help the students to have more focus and fun while learning their subjects. The Waldorf method also makes learning more effective and the results will last much longer than learning in a regular school. Each student is regarded as an individual being who will get all the individual care and attention, he or she needs to accomplish their goal in learning about new languages and cultures. (Learn more about Waldorf education)



Osterfreizeit has been the European name for the first WaldorfCamp and has been established over 30 years ago. After collecting enough experience in teaching students around the globe, WaldorfCamp now is ready to come to China in order to give Chinese students this wonderful experience that so many Western students already enjoyed. (Learn more about Osterfreizeit)



If you are ready to apply to WaldorfCamp, you can easily apply right now, online or just come to our office in XiAn. You can also just call us to learn more about WaldorfCamp. Join us! Everybody here at WaldorfCamp is looking forward to meet you and offer you the best fun and care you could possibly imagine! (Apply online)