Our Camps
Worldwaldorf Camp brings your child to the next level
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International Camps


At International Waldorf Camps, children not only get to know a new country, they also encounter a new culture, mentality, and experience the genuine Waldorf environment most closely when making new friendships with local students, which then enhances their social skills in community life.

Additionally, we also organize outdoor adventures with juniors that involve use of local resources, which shows children how enjoyable and valuable nature is. For example, conquering the upper part of the river Loire by canoeing 100km down the river through beautiful nature; experiencing the Pacific Northwest Coast and unique Native American culture through an adventurous hiking trip in both the Mount Rainier and Olympic National Parks. These are adventures, where the tools “nature” and “group” make an adolescent stronger and skillfully more capable, while at the same time being challenged with age-appropriate learning and skills. It’s a challenge to develop a young human being and is a journey towards self-reflection, self-awareness and discovering one’s true potential.



  • Olympus expedition, USA
  • 12 Senses & Culture Experience, Germany
  • Family Learning Journey, Germany
  • River Adventure, France
  • Alpine Sport and Experience, Austria


China Camps


World Waldorf Summer Camps are held in remote, natural environments of China, such as at the Great Wall near Beijing, a river canyon in Beijing. the beautiful islands in Qiandaohu, an organic farm in Yunnan, the Waldorf campsite in Chengdu, or a forest resort in Shanghai, where we enjoy the utmost of nature and concentrate on our community life and artistic activities.

We invite Western and Chinese children as participants, and Waldorf-inspired adults as counselors, where friendship is built to enhance social skills in community life.

Days are filled with a variety of age-appropriate activities, including music, arts, crafts, woodwork, gardening, clay-work, tie-dying, hiking, camping, climbing, abseiling and cooperative games, etc., and yet there is still plenty of time for children to explore, to create, and to dream – cultivating children’s inherent connection with nature and helping them to see their own greatness and potential, thus becoming self-assured, socially aware, and better able to understand him/herself and the world.



  • The Great Wall Exploration, Beijing
  • Valley Adventure, Beijing
  • Art and Creation, Guangdong
  • Canoeing Experience, Shanghai
  • Island survival, Qiandaohu
  • Outdoor Exploration, Tonglu


Family Camps


In Waldorf Family Camps, we share with you the picture of child development and family life that Waldorf education offers, which helps you to raise your child in a developmentally appropriate and harmonious way. You will experience arts and crafts, nature exploration, games, music and stories together with your children on a daily basis. We encourage you to try out what you have learned from our experienced teachers and to integrate it into your daily life.

During family camp, we keep a daily schedule and anticipate transitions from one activity to the next, because children are strengthened through a predictable and rhythmic routine. Through repetition children develop useful habits. The child’s behavior reflects the child’s whole environment. We link behaviors to situations and make the situations support the behavioral expectations.



  • Family culture, Ningbo
  • Family culture, Hangzhou